2018 Summer Camps

Soccer Camp 7-12th  July 9-14th (guys only)
Soccer Camp 2nd-6th July 10-13 2-4:30pm
​​Fine Arts Camp July 9-14

Check in for 7-12th Soccer and Fine Arts camp is on July 9th from 2-4pm

Soccer Camp  (click here)
7-12th grade
2nd-6th grade

Fine Arts Camp
7-12th grade

Do you love soccer? Learn the basics and increase your soccer skills by coming to soccer camp! Phil Hubbard ('90), who has played on championship teams and coached private school teams, will be bringing a wealth of knowledge and instruction to help make the player and team better

7-12th Camp: $225

2nd-6th Day Camp : $80
Experiance opportunities in vocal music, piano, band, acting, playwriting, vocal interpretation, and other areas led by experienced faculty! Joining us will be Dr. Paul Radford ('92), a theater artist from Bob Jones University, who has produced, written, and acted in many producations.

​​7-12th Camp: $225

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