Junior High
The Dublin Christian Academy junior high program is designed to solidify the many skills and areas developed during the elementary years and to build and broaden these areas to prepare the student for the many challenges of high school. The curriculum during the two-year period consists of the subject areas described below. The Junior High also participates in a variety of extracurricular activities. These include speech, choir, and sports. There is also a special class activity each quarter during the year. 
It is most important that students develop good study habits and a responsibility for self-discipline. DCA offers a staff that is engaged, able to motivate, and understanding of the challenges of life. Our staff considers it a high priority to provide solid instruction and guidance for this important phase of the student's development.
The DCA Bible classes focus on the importance of the Bible in our lives. 2 Timothy 3:16-17 tells us that, "All Scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness: That the man of God may be perfect, throughly furnished unto all good works."  These truths are the basis for our study. We seek to apply God’s Word to our lives by studying the doctrines of God’s Word that form the foundation of our belief and practice. We also survey sections of the Bible in order to deepen our understanding and receive “instruction in righteousness." We then take time to make application to our lives in order to receive the reproof and correction it provides. 
The Bible program also includes two-week module courses that cover specific topics relative to current issues, Bible study, and practical living. 
English 7/8
The 7/8th grade English course is designed to give students a strong foundation in grammar, vocabulary, and reading. Grammar is the main focus and will be taught throughout the school year, focusing on the parts of speech, the tenses, and proper sentence structure. Students will also master grade specific vocabulary to enrich their own vocabulary. Reading will consist of comprehending and appreciating literary texts by using a variety of strategies, through individual and group activities, class discussion, and writing activities.
Life Science
Life Science gives the student a general overview of the world of God’s living creation. The course begins with a study of the cell, its structures and functions, leading to an introduction to basic genetics. These concepts lead into a study of tissues, organs, and systems, as they relate to many organisms.  A general survey of organisms is made to introduce students to the many living things that surround them on a daily basis. Application is made showing how these organisms affect man and his way of life. Ecology is studied with emphasis on demonstrating God’s marvelous coordination of all living creatures.
Physical Science
Physical science is an overview of physics and chemistry with special emphasis on application to daily life. It provides a basis for future courses like Biology and Chemistry. The course provides a definition of the process and use of science through a Christian worldview. Emphasis is made on the study of matter and energy and how they are governed by an omnipotent God. The course is completed with an overview of the basics of the atom, its structure, and interaction with other atoms. Lab activities and class demonstrations provide reinforcement to the students.
The first year of mathematical study is a development of arithmetic skills, including work with fractions, decimals, percents, geometry, and logical reasoning patterns. The second year is reinforcement of these skills integrated with pre-algebra.
American Republic
History is a subject that is relevant to our everyday lives. Students will study American history including world events from the Age of Exploration through the present. Students will learn to look at American history from a biblical perspective, helping them learn important life lessons. Core values are crucial to the development of any civilization; therefore, we will look at the important core values that have held American civilization together.  In this course we will study American history as the unfolding of four core values: freedom, individualism, equality, and growth.
World Studies
World Studies is designed to enhance the students’ knowledge about different cultures. Students will study why different cultures and cities have changed throughout history. Students will also trace the growth of Christianity and its impact on the various cultures of the world. We will also study how different cultures have viewed certain core values of a society such as freedom, equality, and justice.
This course is designed to develop general skills in art and art appreciation. Students will be introduced to the basics of drawing, composition and design, and the history of art styles.
Physical Education
This is an active class which includes organized group sports as well as exercise and a knowledge of individual sports. 

Performing Arts
This aspect of the junior high program seeks to meet the need for students to continue their growth in performance skills such as music, drama, and speech. The junior high performing arts class participates in the Christmas program, performs music and speech pieces at the AACS contest, produces the 7-9th grade play under the direction of the Speech II class, and takes part in the Fun Night program at the end of the year.