1. Box Tops For Education
    Box Tops For Education
  2. Campbell's Soup Labels
    Campbell's Soup Labels
  3. Ink Cartridge & Cell Phone
    Ink Cartridge & Cell Phone
Each year the elementary collects Box Tops for Education from various products found around your house. Many have helped DCA raise over $2,000 since 2002. We would appreciate your help in clipping and saving Box Tops. You can send your collected Box Tops to the DCA school office or give them to any elementary student or teacher.
You can also help the DCA elementary by signing up at the Box Tops website by clicking on the link below. Be sure to check out the Promotions page on the Box Top website for contests that support the school, and don't forget to check back frequently!
Did you know that you no longer need to save the whole Campbell's Soup label? Campbell's has made this program much simpler by requiring ONLY the UPC from eligible products.
So, clip those UPCs and turn them in to help us get more free stuff for our school!
Instead of throwing away those old ink cartridges, laser cartridges, and cell phones, donate them to the DCA Elementary to be recycled for cash. We have used previous donations to help purchase a new playground system and swings and new computers for the 1st-6th grade classrooms. DCA uses a recycling company, Funding Factory, that helps us earn money and help the environment, too.
Since almost everyone has a computer, and probably a printer, you can help out. Even businesses with computers have been willing to donate in the past to help DCA. Asking friends, neighbors, co-workers, and employers to save old ink cartridges, laser cartridges, and cell phones helps both the environment and DCA.
Cartridges and cell phones can be dropped off at the school office or given to any elementary student or teacher.