Daily Schedule

Grading Scale

Lower School Schedle
1st-6th Grade
8:00- 11:30 Classes Begin
11:30-12:00 Lunch
12:00-12:30 Recess
12:30-3:00 Classes

Upper School Class Schedule
7-12th Grade
7:55-8:40 1st Period
8:45-9:30 2nd Period
9:35-10:20 3rd Period 
10:25-10:53 4th period - Bible Class (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday*)

10:55-11:20 Chapel (Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday*)
11:25-12:10 5th period 
12:10-12:40 LUNCH 
12:40-1:25 6th Period
1:30-2:15 7th Period
2:20-3:05 8th Period 
3:05-3:30 Student Pick-up
3:00-4:00 Common Grounds Open
3:30-5:15 Extracurriculars
*Friday during 10:25-10:53 is GRO Groups and 10:55-11:20 is Class Meetings

97 - 100 = A+
93 - 96 = A
90 - 92 = A-
87 - 89 = B+
83 - 86 = B
80 - 82 = B-
77 - 79 = C+
73 - 76 = C

70 - 72 = C-
68 - 69 = D+
66 - 67 = D
65 = D-
0 - 65 = F
I = Incomplete
P = Pass
F = No credit given 

Google’s G Suite for Education

Every student in upper school is automatically assigned a school email account through Google’s G Suite for Education. New students are given their login information during registration, and students access the email by logging into Google’s Gmail. If students need to reset a password, they should contact the Academic Dean’s office. Students keep the same email account from seventh through twelfth grade, and they are welcome to use the account for appropriate personal purposes as well as for school business. Each Upper School student is expected to check his school email account daily. Many teachers send valuable information via student email—reminders about upcoming quizzes and tests, helpful study guides, grade updates, and occasionally extra credit opportunities
Graduation Requirements
Students receiving a diploma must earn a passing grade each year in 20 credits of standard high school plus one credit of Bible each year. There are eight 45-minute class periods per class day in Upper School. Classes meet for five days a week for two semesters, and partial credits are awarded for one semester classes. The school year is divided into four quarters and two semesters.
Minimum credits required to graduate include:
• Bible: 4 credit (Bible is to be taken every year a student is enrolled in DCA)
• English: 4 credits
• Social Studies: 3 credits (must include U.S. History)
• Science: 3 credits
• Math: 3 credits
• Language: 2 credits
• Speech: 1 credit
• Life Skills: 1 credit (includes computer skills, nutrition, finance)
• Physical Education: 1 credit
• Electives: (remaining credits)
To graduate from the Academy, a student is to take the ACT or SAT and be a full-time student at DCA for his or her final two semesters.

Students attending Dublin Christian Academy enjoy small class sizes which allow more direct teacher-student interaction and an opportunity for teachers to assist in each student’s academic growth.

Individual academic counseling takes place each year with all Upper School students concerning his or her course of study. Students will be encouraged to elect courses leading to academic success according to their ability and future plans.

Click HERE for a list of colleges DCA graduates have attended.
Transcript Request

To request a transcript, please click here to submit the request electronically or call the school office at 603.563.8505 and ask for the Registrar's Office.

Please allow 3 business days to process your request.

During the beginning and end of a semester, please note that the request may take up to a week to process.